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You may not have realised this, but if you’ve played on a gaming machine in a live casino, or even just played on a UK online casino in the past decade, then you have probably used the Microgaming software. It is hard to say a Microgaming Casino because most top online casinos have Microgaming software because it is simply so good. 

Originally being founded in the early 90’s, Microgaming started producing software that was put into live casino games. Eventually they transitioned over to UK online casinos and online casinos worldwide becoming one of the most popular pieces of software in the market. So what is if that Microgaming has done and what is it that makes Microgaming online casinos have some of the best games in the world right now? For starters, the good thing for the players is that these Microgaming online casinos have games that will typically pay out more often that the normal online games, and as a result the edges that online casinos have on these types of games are much lower making both your money last longer, and your chance at winning a big jackpot is higher, sounds like a great reason to be a Microgaming Online Casino player! 

As well as having a more rewarding set of games financially, the games at a Microgaming UK online casinos have been proven to be more fun and entertaining for their players too. With so much more experience in building what players were looking for online Microgaming casinos have built online games that have multiple options and gaming modes. In addition they boast over 600 titles ensuring that there is a game that fits the need of any player near perfectly, and with so many unique styles of game that’s a guarantee! So now that we have an understanding of what makes Microgaming Casinos so great and why so many UK Online Casinos have them on their sites, let’s take a look at some of the top Microgaming Casinos for you to enjoy. 

When it comes to sheer value, very few if any can top the value of a 2000% return, and that’s what’s offered at the online Microgaming UK casino that is Nostalgia Casino. They offer players a 2000% deposit bonus up to £20 and to go with that they offer a huge range of Microgaming products. They have hundreds of games to choose from with all the classics covered, and of course these are Microgaming games so come with all the advantages we’ve already laid out. Another online UK casino that uses Microgaming games is Stan James Casino, this is a well known and respected company in the UK, having a popular sports betting sites throughout the UK. While their deposit bonus is at 400% on deposits up to £20, they also offer a wider range of games, and a well known company that can keep people in their comfort zone. 

So with the online UK casino industry thriving, most casinos have turn to Microgaming for their casinos as they believe that Microgaming games offer their players the most entertaining games, with the most up to date software, and can offer the largest jackpots and most value to their players.