Blackjack is a world famous casino games and has seen poor people turn rich overnight in many casinos all over the world including online. Blackjack includes one Dealer and online can be up to 6 Players on the Table.

The aim of the game is get as close to 21 as you can without going bust. After all the players have finished with their hand the dealer will then deal their own cards. The dealer is not allowed to stick below the number of 16 or on 16 so the dealer has to carry on going until they are above that number.

The best hand available in Blackjack is obviously the hand called Blackjack. This hand requires you to have an Ace and a Ten or Picture card. If you are to win with Blackjack you will get 1.5 x your hand stake back. So for instance if you were to bet 10 Euros and you got black jack you would win 15 Euros back plus your stake which is 25 Euros.

In the game of Blackjack you also have the chance to buy a card and split your cards. You would only go to buy a card if you think you have a good chance or hitting a card which will put you in a winning position. If you buy a card you do not get the chance to hit again after being dealt that card. In regards to splitting your cards you can only do this if your cards are of the same number, So for instance if you had to x 8s , You could split them (this would include you matching your stake).


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